New Blank Note Card Matching Envelope Southwestern Quail Cactus Red Cardinal

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Image Licensing Tree-Free Greeting  features licensed artwork from world renowned artists. These images are exclusively available to Tree-Free Greetings and are not permitted for further use.

Bright Bold Designs bring out this southwestern Wildlife scene
Quail, Deer, Red Cardinal, Cactus Blooms, Bluebird, Woodpecker, 
Waterfall and Gorgeous Clouds make this card

formations in classic southwestern iconography
matching envelope
made in USA Tree Free Manufacturing

Fresh Colors, Playful Design.

Designed-to-match (TM) envelopes
All Tree Free Envelopes are made with sugar cane Sweetpaper (TM)

Green by Design since 1999

Uncoated tree-free and 100% recycled papers

Paper is heartier, more lush, unbleached, and more beneficial to the planet

Little Facts:

If every card sold in the United States was Tree Free

 we could save 2.5 MILLION trees, enough to produce oxygen for 1.2 million people to breathe.

We could conserve 1 million BTU's of energy, that is enough to power an average American home for 11,000 years!

We could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 196 million pounds.  That is like taking 3,000 cars off the road

We could eliminate 105 million pounds of solid waste.  That is like recycling 3.6 million big trash bags from the Landfill