New Ceramic Tile Coaster Kitchen Trivet Vtg Western Dime Novel Cowboy Rodeo Art

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Dime Novel  Ceramic Tile Kitchen Trivet

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Go West Adventure 10 cent

Bucking Bronco with Cowboy

Classic Western and Southwestern Designs Hand painted tiles

Weather Resistant no fading made in U.S.A.

Wall or Shelf Accent Hot Plate or Coaster(S)

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Dime novel

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This article is about U.S. novels. For the British versions, see Story papers and Penny Dreadfuls.

An example of the original dime novel series, circa 1860.
Dime novel, though it has a specific meaning, has also became a catch-all term for several different (but related) forms of late 19th century and early 20th century U.S. popular fiction, including true dime novels, story papers, five and ten cent weekly libraries, thick book reprints and sometimes even early pulp magazines.[1] The term was being used as late as 1940, in the short lived pulp Western Dime Novels. Dime novels are, at least in spirit, the antecedent of today's mass market paperbacks, comic books, and even television shows and movies based on the dime novel genres. In the modern age, "dime novel" has become a term to describe any quickly-written, lurid potboiler and as such is generally used as a pejorative to describe a sensationalized yet superficial piece of written work.